Objectives of the Association, as follows: standing up for and protection of its members’ interests, including from unfair competition and uncommercial etiquette in the industry, improvement of producers’ professionalism, achievement of professional unity, solidarity and communication between its members, protection of the intellectual property of Union members, rise in producers’ professional status, support for the development of the sugar production raw-material base, study, popularization and preservation of this country’s sugar production history, popularization of the positive experience of Union members in the field of scientific achievements and modern production, trade and management technologies.

        The ways of the Association to achieve its objectives are: organization of and participation in symposiums, national and regional conferences, with or without international participation, competitions, exhibitions, lectures, etc., establishment of contacts, exchange of experience and information with related industries, professional, research and other organizations, participation, upon invitation or at its own initiative, in the development of projects for national programs, laws, standards and other acts in the field of sugar production and sugar products, as well as providing the industry with raw-materials with a view to its members’ interests, justified proposals for supplements to and amendments in the programs of study for secondary schools and higher educational institutes, institutes for post-graduate qualification or other forms of qualification, which train specialists for the needs of the industry in accordance with contemporary requirements and prospects for its development, study and popularization of our and foreign experience by its own publications or other mass media, consultation and information activity for the needs of the industry, rendering of scientific and technical, legal and other assistance to its members.

        Objects of activity, as follows: study and analyses, expert evaluations and advice, rendering of assistance in the preparation of documents necessary for business transactions, customs, licensing, registration regimes, etc., assisting the defense in case of infringement of intellectual property rights of its members, mediation in case of collective and individual disputes and assistance for their settlement, assistance for business contacts establishment, negotiations and conclusion of business transactions, as well as any other activity in accordance with the objectives of its members.